I’ve been adding some entires about my life in music at the Discogs artist page.

HRP Origin

HRP began in Bristol, England in 2009 as a side project for creating relaxing and mind altering meditation audio soundscapes as a deep cinematic expression of experimental electronic music. To be honest, all the years I was making dance music, side tracks would get made, just for experimenting or just because, and these side tracks became the main thing, over time.

Unavoidable Metaphysics

Art that ‘does something to you’ is the ultimate goal (for me) when making situations in sound or vision. People can find magic in these situations.

Waking Dream

I wanted to create pieces that allow the listener to relax into altered states – starting with myself.

I find it hard to relax, and these pieces are the result of trying to find ways to lead myself into a transported mind-state of peace and tranquillity by simply lying down and listening to 10 minute segments of deep-thought dream-state compositions, as the patterns of tones elapse in time. The creation of such pieces is meditative in and of itself, and I use this website myself as a way to access music that I use to shift my focus or help distract from inner turmoil.

The human mind requires a regular clearing above and beyond sleep. Mine certainly does. A restart. Time out. Ten minutes of meditational sound-bath can rinse the thought-toxins away, and leave you refreshed and able to re-focus.

Keying into patterns of sound, especially with eyes closed, can help to escape, temporarily – and return, refreshed, with perhaps clearer inspiration on how to proceed.

There are no binaural beats encoded into these pieces, just the solfeggio tones and the sounds around them. I feel my way through the composition, and when they work, when they have the desired effect on me, only then are they finished. I write only when inspiration strikes, when the muse whispers so loud it can’t be ignored.

Headphone listening is recommended.


I still use this today as inspiration.

Something about the tones arpeggiating cuts through and clears my mind.

Available Online Everywhere

Harmonic Resonance Project is digitally distributed worldwide via Tunecore to all well known streaming and download platforms, notably Apple Music, Spotify, Boomplay, Amazon, YouTube, Tidal, etc.

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