I was always into trippy ambient music.

And I was always into the ‘science’ of sound.

Looking back, David Lynch’s Eraserhead soundscapes altered everything.

It never stops, that’s for sure.

But in 1980, a good few years before all that began with Lynch & psychotropics, came the ghost-like paranormal alien sounds of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s keyboards with Japan.

This melted my brain one night (it was on TV – or rather, it reached out of the TV) and I had an out of body experience. I had a few paranormal experiences with the old cathode ray tube TVs in the 70s & 80s – and also the old radio receivers.

Ghost voices from the aether. Liminal.

The live Oil On Canvas album version captures this sonic sorcery:

A lifetime later, The 33 Bowls album was an inspiration – here are two long excerpts from the full CD / MP3 – see link after.

Listen to 33 Bowls album – here

I’m fairly sure that it was these following pieces from Jandy back around 2008 that gave me the inspiration to actually move into making this type of composition. Still some of my favourite music – stunning atmospheres.