Anti Darkness

Day Zero Digital Dub

I created a project in the early 2000s called Day Zero and produced an album called ‘Dark Planet’ – but despite sterling efforts and acclaim it remained on CDR.

It was more electro and downtempo breaks than dub overall, but after ‘Dark Planet’, I decided to go deeper into Digital Dub, and had a Myspace page that did some decent numbers with a bunch of increasingly heavy dub slabs.

Myspace Dayzero

‘From Here’ was the second track on that ‘Dark Planet’ album, so it was great to see it released alongside ‘Anti Darkness’ which was from that later heavier dub period as part of the ‘Selected Atmospheres: Dubbed’ compilation on Dubmission.

No doubt I’ll be exploring many more dub influences going forward.

From Here

I’ve remastered ‘From Here’ and uploaded it to the HRP channel – it’s not been available on YouTUbe before now.

Day Zero – ‘From Here’ – Digital Dub – 2000

Anti Darkness

And here’s the walloping Anti Darkness that really takes it much further.

Day Zero – Digital Dub – 2002


Seeing as I’m on a YouTube spree, I’ve uploaded the missing HRP 002 release from 2011, otherwise known as ‘Solfeggio 528 Sundown’.

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