Exit – 1981

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Tangerine Dream circa 1981

Tangerine Dream were undoubtedly a key formative influence on me – Synthwave ab initio. They were extremely committed to this ‘sitting around listening to trippy synth music’ thing and created a huge library of this material down the years.

The early stuff is brutal, pre-industrial, abstract and Lynchian before there was Lynch – but as they go along, they invent this synthwave acid rock meld, which is just mind blowingly charming as well as ambitiously cinematic and uniquely enjoyable – strangely timeless and extremely filmic musical excursions that are like journeys into pleasant and exotic alien lands from a safe observation deck in your minds ear. Back when there was a lot less to do with your time, playing this kind of music loud on extremely good hi-fi whilst under some sort of influence was one of the top tickets.

They weren’t just jamming interminably either – this stuff has meaning, direction, composition, grandeur.

Tangerine Dream live circa 1981

Synthwave Pioneers

EXIT is a great example of this era – no frills, just a wonderful journey into steady synth landscapes that one can become immersed in. My favourite? Impossible to choose, I really do love many of their albums.

They somehow conjure up natural landscapes from electronic sounds, a genuinely visual experience for the ears. Beautiful production and composition. I’ll be coming back to TD many times, no doubt.

This is a really pleasant morning listen.

Tangerine Dream – EXIT publicity shot

EXIT – Front Cover

EXIT – Back Cover

EXIT – Full Album

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