Tag: Selected Atmospheres: Dubbed

  • Open Air [Solfeggio 432 Hz Tone]

    Open Air [Solfeggio 432 Hz Tone]

    Out Now! Eleventh release from Harmonic Resonance project. Open Air [Solfeggio 432 Hz Tone] Released September 7th 2022. A summer inspired track, nearly ten years on from the last one. I’ve been finishing it slowly through this season of 2022, although the first ideas were from an archive track from 2015. A rolling, depth charged, […]

  • Deep Blue Afternoon [Solfeggio 369]

    Deep Blue Afternoon [Solfeggio 369]

    This was the second release – unavailable for many years. Now re-issued with a light remaster and new cover art. Description A relaxing meandering walking bass with flutes and tones that elapse with a slow motion effervescence for an extremely mellow experience – perfect for a late afternoon break. Release date: 01-Sep-2022 Original Release Date:17-Dec-2010 […]

  • Awakening [Solfeggio 417 Hz Tone]

    Awakening [Solfeggio 417 Hz Tone]

    Tenth release from Harmonic Resonance Project. Awakening [Solfeggio 417 Hz Tone] – Released October 24th 2021. Immanence : deep, vast, open vistas of gentle breezes resonate into the infinite with an undertow of profound change. Something good seems to have happened, and we feel the after effects. Everything is going to be okay. Tuned to […]

  • Radiant Core [Solfeggio 396 Hz Tone]

    Radiant Core [Solfeggio 396 Hz Tone]

    Ninth release by Harmonic Resonance Project – analogue arpeggiated atmospherics with an earthy festival feel to melt your head. Tuned to 396Hz Release date: 17-Aug-2021 ISRC#: TCAFL2143666 UPC: 859746335040

  • Dimensions [Solfeggio 174 Hz Tone]

    Dimensions [Solfeggio 174 Hz Tone]

    Eighth release. Once you open the hatch, it might not close again. Holes appearing, dissolving material itself, out into space. Where are we? Tuned to 174Hz Release date : 01-Jan-2021 ISRC#: TCAFG2078235 UPC: 859744058590 Available Everywhere

  • Metamorphosis [Solfeggio 432]

    Metamorphosis [Solfeggio 432]

    Seventh release by Harmonic Resonance Project. A unique storm or field of energy approaches and affects our reality, after which nothing is the same again. Tuned to 432Hz This is a heartbreaking piece for me – it’s a requiem. Release date: 21-Dec-2020 ISRC#: TCAFF2089056 UPC: 859743657893

  • Some Kind of Redemption [Solfeggio 396]

    Some Kind of Redemption [Solfeggio 396]

    Sixth release by Harmonic Resonance Project. A ceremonial invocation and prayer for help and guidance and some kind of redemption (I was just getting sober) set against a Tangerine Dream / Edgar Froese influenced synthwave analogue noir, with vast pillars of arpeggiating analogue cosmic tones. Improvised vocals. Tuned to 396Hz Release date: 01-Nov-2020 ISRC#: TCAFD2046465 […]

  • Solfeggio Tones Toolkit – 174Hz

    Solfeggio Tones Toolkit – 174Hz

    Fifth release by Harmonic Resonance Project after a four year hiatus – here with a darker, early synthwave noir feel with more experimental wintery tones and more unsettling David Lynch atmospheres. Tuned to 174Hz Release date: 19-Feb-2018 ISRC#: TCADM1892900 UPC: 859725448938

  • Heatwave 528

    Heatwave 528

    Fourth release by Harmonic Resonance Project – a shimmeringly glorious cinematic summer epic. Written in Oxfordshire during a decent 4 week heatwave – which ended with spectacular summer thunder and lightning. I was recently sober from alcohol, and looking for direction. In fact, early versions had spoken word lyrics literally saying ‘show me the way’. […]

  • Solfeggio 528 Sundown

    Solfeggio 528 Sundown

    Third release by Harmonic Resonance Project. Sundown and dusk atmospheres for a perfect start to the evening. Tuned to 528hz. Uploaded At Last Release date: 06-Jan-2011 ISRC#: TCAAU1111807 UPC: 859705184269