We’re Shy One Horse

This track – oh man.

Looks Like We’re Shy One Horse‘ by Colourbox – 1986

Well, technically two tracks as it blends into ‘Shoot Out’.

Electronic, Reggae, Dub, New Wave – the Discogs categories.

This was made before rave sound system culture became a reality with Acid House, but it showed what could and should be done.

4AD – so much great music.

Colourbox Classic

Some absolute legend of a DJ on Tonka Soundsystem played this as dawn broke at Glastonbury in the traveller fields in 1990 at the first ever rave to really happen at that festival – before getting back to the trackin’ party acid and house they did so well. It blew people’s minds. Someone was riding a 125 trials bike around the dancefloor. It’s hard to explain, but it was a moment in time. He talks about that event at 14 minutes in in the link above.

The haunting tape-warped train sounds in this are pure David Lynch to me, haunted rimshot reggae shotgun drum programming, the melancholic harmonica vibe on top, shards of guitar crystals ripped off in the melting bass-cone bonanza, film samples from  Once Upon a Time in the West , and the devastating bass-line that will roll your eyes right back into your head – I mean, this truly is a heavy tune.

If you don’t know the band, it’s worth checking out the album but also the pure adrenalin and relentlessly positive World Cup Theme which did well on it’s own, but I feel is not loved quite enough.

Day Zero

A sound like this was something to figure out.

I ended up creating a long term goal of a digital dub project called Day Zero – around 2000 / 2003 that really went for it on the digital bass and trippy dub, and in fact I do have an HRP Dub album in the works that revisits this vibe again.

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