XTC Of Wilko Johnson

I guess the idea of this blog is to write about what I love, and what has consumed me and kept me going for my life so far – music – in the loose context of my HRP project.

I supposed it would write itself – things always do.

One idea refracting into a million more, until you run out of love of music and life, which is never, or, until you’re brought to an eventual stop. Which is sometime.

Canvey Island Wilko

I wrote about the attitude of Dr Feelgood in the last entry, and this reminded me of this incredible and Blakean documentary about their gruitarist – WIiko Johnson – from Julien Temple.

All I really knew about them before watching this was that they looked to me like people who used to be Teddy Boys and had been raised on milk and alcohol. That unforgettable track was unavoidable in the late 70s early 80s.

If you’ve not seen this – it’s a great piece of work.

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